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Behind the Scenes at the Vogel’s photoshoot…

You may have noticed our website’s brand new photography & rather sparkly revamp! We delve behind the lens to reveal exactly how we did it…

25 April 2014
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Meet the Baker… Lucasz

Vogel’s Dispensary Operative, Lucasz Zak on just how much Vogel’s he eats, his love for sandwiches and his role at the bakery

17 April 2014
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The Vintage Quarter’s Vogel’s tea party…

We were delighted when The Vintage Quarter in Salisbury town centre invited us to join them for tea and sandwiches in their shop. Using Vogel’s Soya & Linseed bread with smoked salmon and cream cheese; they whipped up the perfect afternoon treat for a fine young lady or gentleman. Pip pip!

11 April 2014
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The perfect Salisbury toastie…

Did you know that Vogel’s bread is baked in Salisbury? We popped in to see our friends at the Salisbury Chocolate Shop so they could show us how to make their perfect cheese, ham & chutney toastie on crunchy Vogel’s soya & Linseed bread – trust us, it was tasty!

4 April 2014
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