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About Us, Alfred Vogel And Our Bread

Alfred Vogel and his 8 guiding principals

Alfred Vogel

Meet the creator behind the crust and you’ll see that it’s his work and beliefs around health and nutrition that make our bread so differently delicious.

Alfred Vogel cared a lot about the enjoyment of good food and healthy living, believing that:

The best quality of life could be achieved by maintaining a well-balanced diet of wholesome natural foods.

And what better place to start than the ‘humble’ loaf? Alfred wanted to create bread full of wholesome and natural ingredients, making it simple and enjoyable for anyone and everyone to get essential nutrients into their everyday diet.

So Vogel’s bread has been baking delicious and nutritious loaves for over 60 years now.

Get an insight into the brains behind the bread – Alfred Vogel’s 8 Guiding Principles.

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About Vogel's

Since 1954

Our Original Glorious Grains (Original Glorious Grains Loaf) recipe dates back to 1954. To find out more, visit ‘Our Bread’

We make it properly, as with all our breads, with no emulsifiers, artificial preservatives or raising agents. There’s less flour and more seeds than your average bread, making our mixture runnier to the touch. As a consequence, our slices are smaller than those in an average loaf, but none-the-less, crammed to bursting with goodness. Proof good things really do come in small packages!

To find out more visit ‘Our Bread’

More famous than the All Blacks

Did you know Vogel’s bread is the best-known and best-selling bread in New Zealand? Those rugged, healthy, outdoorsy Kiwis won’t settle for anything less…