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At Vogel’s we aim to make looking after your family easy with nutritious bread that supports your family’s health as well as providing delicious treats for you. Looking after your family is a sentiment that now seems even more pertinent than ever.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic there’s a sudden change in our day to day life. We know what it’s like, juggling working from home, video calls and childcare. With social distancing restrictions in place it’s hard to know how to keep the little ones entertained and healthy at the same time. As ever, we’re here to support you! 

We wanted to provide something that is useful and can help our community (aside from our delicious bread 😉). Putting our heads together we’ve compiled a list of easy, free or low cost ideas of activities you can do with the kids to dose up on immune boosting vitamin D, get some fresh air and find moments of calm. Having tried and tested these ourselves we can safely say you’ll be sure to find one that will entertain even the smallest attention span (for 10 minutes at least). 

1.‘Bee’come 🐝 the next David Attenbourough 

With sunnier days ahead this is the perfect activity to get the kids outside, you don’t need a large garden or vast outdoor space, just access to a few plants. 

Bee’s are fascinating creatures and vital pollinators so don your best David Attenbourough impression and hold a family science survey. Blooms for Bees encourages people to help scientists learn more about bumblebees in the UK, their habits, the pollen they enjoy and their movements. All you need to do is download the app, choose a plant and observe for 5 minutes, photograph the bumblebees, identify the species on the app and submit the data.

2. Go on an adventure … at home 🏡

Super easy and sure to keep the kids entertained, a scavenger hunt of your home. Completely free, can be changed up everyday and you can select items that you know won’t be in the rooms you need some quiet time in. Here’s a perfect example of a simple version but you could scale it up or down as much as you like. How about adding clues, extending the hunt into the garden or adding ‘treasure’ at each discovery?

VogelsBread- Scavenger hunt

3. Make a time capsule

Not only is this a fun activity to keep the kids occupied, it’s also fun for all the family. The perfect opportunity to sit down together and focus on the present moment, something we all need a bit of right now to calm the uncertainties. Note your names, ages, favourite colour, favourite animal, favourite hobby, most listened to song right now, current favourite tv show, anything that tells your story. When you’re done you could bury the time capsule for someone in the future to discover or store it away in the house to look back over another time.

4. Plant Seeds

Simple, but is effective. With gardening centres closed it’s hard to get your hands on plants and tools. However, seeds are sold in most large supermarkets meaning they’re easy to get hold of when you are collecting your essential foods – no unnecessary trips out required. You don’t need fancy tools either, just your hands and soil if needed.

And it doesn’t stop with the planting, a gift that keeps giving – encourage the children to water the seeds daily, chart their growth and see how the plant developers. If patience is lacking some seeds grow at a tremendous rate. A seed we’re very keen on at Vogel’s HQ is the sunflower seed – packed with goodness, but also starts sprouting after just a few days! 

Vogels- Keeping the kids entertained

5. At home picnics

Last, but by no means least our favourite of them all involves food – naturally.

Thankfully spring is here, which provides the perfect opportunity for garden picnicking. The perfect escape from your desk and a chance to enjoy a treat of delicious sandwiches, fresh fruit and yummy snacks. If you don’t have a garden, create a ‘picnic den’ out of bed sheets, chairs and cushions. Enjoy this moment of calm to sit together, eat together and enjoy the company of loved ones, it’s what will get us all through this time together.

Stay safe, healthy and happy.

With Love,

Vogel’s Family