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Making everyday a healthy eating day since 1954

We make it easy for you to incorporate essential nutrition into your everyday life. Our bread is packed full of goodness, making this everyday ingredient the basis to lots of delicious, nutritious and easy meals. When you start with nature’s best ingredients, as Alfred Vogel believed, you can’t help but create the most wholesome, tasty bread.

Our bakers’ skills, added to Alfred’s guiding principles, result in less flour and more seeds in every generous slice. Whether you toast, spread or sandwich your Vogel’s, you’ll enjoy a soft, satisfying texture and all the flavour of crunchy, nutritious seeds.

Meet Alfred Vogel

The best quality of life could be achieved by maintaining a well-balanced diet of wholesome natural foods.

Alfred Vogel  Since 1954

Meet Alfred Vogel, he believed the most mouth-watering tastes and exceptional nutrition come from the very best ingredients nature provides.

Throughout his long and healthy life, Alfred Vogel never lost his endless curiosity for all things natural, delicious and life-enhancing. Growing up in the mountains of Switzerland, he knew that health, taste and happiness were intimately linked. He discovered new plants and ingredients (like the Echinacea the Sioux Native Americans introduced him to) and created recipes such as our Glorious Original Mixed Grain loaf. We’re enjoying catching up with what Alfred instinctively knew all along: that nature creates the perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

He left us his ‘Guiding Principles’, deceptively simple morsels of wisdom that seem to have stood the test of time!


Eat slowly and chew well.

Eat light meals in the evening.


Food should be fresh

and well prepared.


Get in to the habit of going for a walk after meals.

This is good for respiration and digestion.


Eat in moderation.


Live in harmony with nature.


Responsibility for our wellbeing lies in our own hands.

Follow nature's example and try to find a balance between tension and relaxation and activity and rest.


In all your striving let love be your guide.

It is the greatest power in the universe.


Make lots of delicious toast from slices of my bread*

*OK - we made this one up. But we bet Alfred would have agreed.

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