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This month’s blog comes courtesy of Louise Norval RDH, an Edinburgh-based Dental Hygienist and Vogel’s superfan! Louise kindly took the time to write and thank Vogel’s for being the only bread brand she could find who did not to add sugar to their loaves – something very important to her personally, and in her line of work. Here, Louise tells us more about why she recommends Vogel’s to her patients… 

As a Dental Hygienist it is my responsibility to recommend and advise my patients to not only look after the health of their teeth and gums but to encourage them to consider their general health too. We know that having a healthy body contributes to a healthy immune system, which in turn will promote an efficient healing process, a factor we must consider in our preventative advice to our patients.

Tailoring this advice for patients doesn’t have to be complicated,  in fact I find that the more basic my recommendations are, the more willing my patients will be to try them.

In addition to the obvious dental health education I support my patients with, e.g. twice daily toothbrushing and daily interdental cleaning advice, I always highlight the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle with quality products.

Hopefully as a nation we are much more informed about the importance of reducing sugar in our diets and how sugar can impact on not only our physical health but also our dental health. With all of this in mind I always recommend Vogel’s bread to my patients when discussing healthy diet choices, without added sugar and with beneficial healthy ingredients what is there to lose? I personally found it incredibly difficult to find a savoury bread that hadn’t been sweetened and since discovering the delicious Vogel’s breads I am reassured that not only am I looking after my dental health but also my general health too, not to mention my patients’. So, thank you Vogel’s!

At Vogel’s, we bake with nature’s best ingredients. We pack in plenty of nutrition, taste and texture via an array of – small but mighty! – seeds, and are proud that our bread has the seal of approval from Louise. Thank you!

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