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‘Putting bread on the table’ has quite literally become much more of a priority in households around the globe over the last few months. With shopping restrictions in place, getting hold of essentials for the family has been a challenge. Coupled with a greater awareness of health and nutrition to keep our loved ones healthy, and larger amounts of family members at home, we saw our seeded breads fly off the shelves!

Keeping families fed became number 1 priority at Vogel’s and we quickly jumped to action to ensure we could continue to supply this important cupboard staple for everyone. Like many of us we had to adapt and make changes to ensure we kept our working family safe at the same time.

Bakers to the rescue!

Our bakers  are our backbone. These experts and craftsmen are essential to keep Britain fed, ensuring production continues to meet demand. Their vital skills and experience has ensured the same flavour and nutrients our bread is known for reaches your table with each loaf. To keep our very own superheroes safe and healthy we implemented a few changes.

In order to adhere to social distancing we implemented staggered shift patterns, limiting the number of staff who are in the building at the same time to a minimum. 

Rest breaks are essential to maintain good well-being for our staff. However, sharing a communal space with multiple people during this time was not a safe option. Therefore, we constructed a new canteen/breakout area with additional space that enabled safe distancing. This also applied to new changing facilities within the bakery, providing more safe space for our essential workers. And finally to be extra careful throughout the bakery we’ve laid distancing tape to ensure a 2 meter distance is maintained at all times.

We’ve all seen tremendous acts of community during this time with the regular #ClapforCareers, neighbours shopping for each other, people reaching out to loved ones they may have lost touch with. The #AloneTogether movement is heartwarming to witness, and has reminded us of one of our key principles – that our family and community is everything. So we’re still here, still working hard to support  you to feed your family with nutritious food.

From our family to yours, stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive.