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Apple brown betty is a popular pudding in the US, which can also be eaten for breakfast! Like crumble, with a lemony zing, it’s lighter and less stodgy.

Serves 6


100 g butter, melted 

3 large or 4 small Bramley apples

1 lemon, juiced and zest finely grated

150 g light muscovado sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

½ tsp freshly grated nutmeg

200 g Vogel’s bread

vanilla ice cream, to serve



  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C (180° fan) | 400F | gas 6 and butter a baking dish with a little of the melted butter.
  2. Peel, core and thinly slice the apples, then toss them with the lemon juice, zest and sugar. Leave to macerate while you make the crumbs.
  3. Tear the bread into pieces and whiz to crumbs in a food processor. Toss the breadcrumbs with the butter, cinnamon and nutmeg.
  4. Use a slotted spoon to layer half the apples in the baking dish, leaving the syrupy juices in the bowl. Top with half of the crumbs, then repeat with the remaining apples and crumbs. Drizzle the syrup from the apple bowl evenly over the top of the crumbs.
  5. Cover the baking dish with foil and bake for 40 minutes, then remove the foil and bake for a further 20 minutes or until the topping is golden brown and the apples are tender all the way to the middle. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.