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Happy National Nutrition and Hydration Week! Here at Vogel’s, we believe that, as with most things in life, keeping it simple is the key to happiness and health when it comes to your diet and lifestyle. It really doesn’t have to be that complicated; getting immersed in nature, being around loved ones and eating well all contribute to wellbeing, something our founder, nutritionist Dr. Alfred Vogel understood back in 1954.

Throughout his long and healthy life, Alfred Vogel never lost his appetite for all things natural, delicious and life-enhancing. Growing up in the mountains of Switzerland, he knew that health, taste and happiness were inextricably linked. He discovered new plants and ingredients (like echinacea, which the Sioux Native Americans introduced him to) and created recipes like our Glorious Original Mixed Grain loaf, in order to help others benefit from nature’s goodness.

A revolutionist and pioneer of his time, Dr. Vogel believed that in order to get the most out of life, we should seek nutrition from all areas of life, not just our food. And today we continue to be inspired by his holistic approach to living a wholesome life, as defined by his ‘Guiding Principles’:

1. Eat slowly and chew well
2. Food should be fresh and well prepared
3. Go for walks after meals to aid respiration and digestion
4. Eat in moderation
5. Live in harmony with nature
6. Be responsible for your own wellbeing. Find balance between tension and relaxation, activity and rest
7. In all your striving let love be your guide. It is the greatest power in the universe


Taking inspiration from Alfred, our recipes have less flour but more seeds in every generous slice, resulting in a simple food jam packed with flavour and nutrients. But in addition to healthy eating, at Vogel’s HQ we champion taking responsibility for our own wellbeing.

Vogel’s makes it easy to provide nutrients for your family without sacrificing on taste and quality. You enjoy taste, safe in the knowledge that your family are eating healthy nutritious food, because small luxuries shouldn’t be sacrificed and neither should your wellbeing. Join the Vogel’s community on Facebook and Instagram for nutritional advice, family friendly recipes and above all else support, we’ve got your back!