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Looking for an easy but healthy pudding alternative? We’ve got just the trick, our sweet banana and cinnamon dessert dip.

The perfect accompaniment with sugar and cinnamon dusted toast tortillas for family time in the evenings or even a breakfast treat! 

Toast Tortilla


Vogel’s Bread

Cinnamon, to serve 

Icing sugar, to serve 


  1.  Toast your favourite Vogel’s bread
  2. Cut into triangles and sprinkle with cinnamon and icing sugar. 

Banana Pudding


2 bananas, peeled 

250g mascarpone

½ teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Add mascarpone, both bananas cut into slices and vanilla extract into blender
  2. Mix all ingredients together until smooth paste is created
  3. Top with extra banana slices and serve with toast triangles dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon.